Sunday, October 30, 2005

Driving In Canada!

Some kind person from church took me out driving today in her car. It was my first time driving in Canada. At first I was a bit apprehensive at the idea, but as soon as I got into that driving seat, thank God, I remembered how to drive, and driving over here in rural Canada in an automatic car is soooooooooooo much EASIER than driving in London, England in a manual car. I actually really enjoyed myself and drove around for ages, and drove myself home tonight.

So that was fun. I also had a long game of table tennis with my friend's husband which was so cool. I love that game.

Today has been a good day.

I'm still waiting for my sister's parcel to arrive. She sent it 2 weeks ago from England and it still hasn't showed up. It seems like rural Canada post is a bit slow.

Well love you all, and hope you had a good day.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Yes! I have just managed to figure out how to add my friends as links on my blog! Very pleased with the result!

Love you all xxx

Movies & New Food & Random Story

It's been a while since I last updated you on life here, but I had actually been waiting for an opportunity to post some photos. However, I haven't yet had the time to work out how to do that exactly.

Well over the last couple of weeks, I have watched 3 movies:

"Crash" - the new one, that is, is an excellent film, makes you think, may contain strong language for some;
"Kicking & Screaming" - really funny film for the family. Put me in a hyper mood;
"Batman Begins" - good film if you are into Batman, too scary for kids to watch though.

I have also tried the following new food lately:

"Moose steak" - someone from church actually caught the moose, killed it & gave us some meat;
"Moose sausages" - I preferred those to the steak;
"Pumpkin Pie" - much better cold than hot and in small portions;
"Squash" - a vegetable that I found nice when cooked as part of a roast dinner;
"Oreo Cookie Blizzard" - kind of like a McDonald McFlurry type of icecream with Oreo cookies and marshmallows - definitely very yum;
"Peach Tea" - I tried that today with milk and it was nice.

Random story of the week:
God gave Gary a vision a while back that he would have a divine encounter with this alcoholic and drug addict homeless guy named Tony. Sure enough what he saw in the vision, happened in real life and he met this guy one day and witnessed to him and prayed with him.
Well a few days ago, we bumped into this guy and he immediatly recognized Gary. He started calling out to us in a loud way in the middle of a coffee shop, attracting much attention to himself and us. He kept saying "It's been nine months since I saw you" - how amazing that he could remember that and know how long it was? Then he asked us if we could buy him some food as he was hungry.
Gary only had $5 dollars and I only had $2 and that was all the money we had, but we decided we couldn't say no, so we took him to Subway (a sandwich shop) and bought him a meal and prayed with him. We left the shop with no money. That evening, someone came round to our house and gave us some food shopping money. God is so cool like that!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This morning Rachel's mum and I were taken out to breakfast at this lovely restaurant in town, by a man named Randy and his wife. While having breakfast, they asked me to share my testimony, which I did. They were so thrilled to hear it, that they have invited me to share it again on Sunday night to a group of people. They also want to take me to the prison to share it there as they regularly do outreach in the prison. I've never done that before, I'll let you know how that goes! Watch this space!

After breakfast, Randy showed us round his dairy. Along with other family members, Randy owns the local dairy and they supply all the milk we buy in the shops. Well, we had a lovely tour of the dairy, and they showed us how the milk is produced at all its various stages. It was fun. I will never quite drink milk again in the same way I did before. I know exactly now, what it's gone through to get to us! Cool!

Hearing God's Voice!

A couple of days ago, when I had my quiet time with God in the morning, I felt that God told me to check my bank account. But I had had no money at all for a number of weeks, and part of me didn't want to look incase there was none there, and I did not want to get my hopes up. Then I forgot about it.

Yesterday morning in my quiet time, I felt God tell me the same thing again. So after my quiet time, yesterday, I did look and guess what!!!! Someone in England had anonymously deposited £60 into my account! I was sooooo excited. Not just because of the money blessing, but also more importantly because God told me about it and I heard Him.

I love it when God speaks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bright Autumn Colours

Today, is the first day this 'fall' (as the Canadians say) that I noticed the leaves on the trees start to look bright and cheerful instead of a dull colour that they were yesterday. I had my quiet time this morning in the boathouse, looking out at the beautiful lake. I have to say that several times, in the middle of my chat with God, I had to stop and just gaze at the lovely trees and the bright colours of the leaves. Canada is beautiful this time of year!

Today, I went on a pastoral visit with Gary. We visited this lady and prayed for her. She had been struggling with depression. As we prayed for her, she received joy. Then as we left her house, both Gary and I were yawning constantly and I had a pounding headache! Oops, ofcourse, we had forgotten to pray for protection. So we put the cross of Jesus between ourselves and whatever was trying to attatch itself to us, and phew it went away.

Tonight as I was giving Anja and Gina my two 8 year old spiritual sisters a cuddle in bed, they asked me:

"Ashy, why are you happy today?" and went on to tell me that I have been 'smiling' all day today and everyday the last 6 weeks I've been in Canada.

Well, I had no idea, that I had been smiling today, but I'm really blessed that they told me that, because I must've been smiling for them to say that. I love Jesus. He is soooo cool.

Confession time: Yesterday, after I wrote about being good and only having one bite of my Galaxy Ripple chocolate bar, a couple of hours later, I ate the rest of it. Now, I really can't wait for my sister's parcel to arrive in the post.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Hmmm ....

I just had a bite of my Galaxy Ripple chocolate bar that Gary gave me last week. (Some angel had given him a couple of bars of Galaxy chocolate and he very kindly gave me one). I had resisted biting into it, until just now, but I was very good and only had one bite!

I just had an e-mail from my sister (yes, another angel) saying she has sent me some Galaxy chocolate in the post as well as her old mini ipod (which she is now giving me as an early Christmas present). I am equally excited at the prospect of receiving my very first ipod and of course the oh so gorgeous Galaxy chocolate.

To quote my sister, when I informed her, that over here in Canada, one was not able to enjoy the same taste of chocolate as they would in England, she said:

"Imagine a whole nation of people going about their business blithely unaware of the chocolate perfection that is Galaxy bars."

Too right! Father God, I wonder how they manage to exist without the knowledge of Galaxy and its tender loving taste?

I can't wait! hmmm..........

Friday, October 14, 2005

Race Against Time...

Well here I am! My very first blog entry. I have contemplated the idea of starting this blog for the last couple of weeks and have finally decided to give it a go! Will it be funny? Will it be witty? Will it even be interesting? Who knows? Who cares? It's a window into my life and what I get up to.

Well here I am in Nova Scotia, in Canada. I've been here about 6 weeks now. I've come from England to live here for a while with my spiritual parents Gary & Rachel, and their 4 beautiful gorgeous girls.

So what have I been up to today?

This morning I had a quiet time and then started working...

Well, where I live, we have to cut lots of wood, and stack it up for the winter. Last weekend it rained non-stop for 3 days, so we couldn't do much wood stacking. We had to wait for the wood to dry, and today the clouds look like they want to rain again. Last night and this morning, the race started, how much wood can we stack (in the basement) before it rains again?

I managed to spend a couple of hours last night stacking wood and a number of hours this morning! YES! I love it! Stacking wood is such a rewarding job! Today I felt like Jesus gave me super strength to get the job done.

I received a letter from my lovely friend Elaine (in England) today which made my day.

I've also been making salad and cooking mince meat for this evening's meal for 9 people. Nice! Time to have a break now.