Monday, December 11, 2006

Trip To London

I went to London, to visit my family and friends there, for a few weeks. It was really nice to go home and have some Iraqi food. My mum cooked me my favourite dish 'timen bagela'. There's a photo below. It is soooo nice. And of course we had salad with it.

I really enjoyed seeing my family and friends. It was also really nice to see the Christmas lights in Oxford Street. I even got to go to the 'Millenium' hotel in Mayfair, with my dad, for his work Christmas do. It was really posh and a really nice evening.

Now I am back in Nova Scotia, and the day I got back here, there was snow everywhere, and it was really pretty. The snow has melted now, but I'm sure it won't be long, before it snows again. We put up our Christmas tree, Christmas decorations and lights yesterday. Houses over here look really nice at Christmas time with all the Christmas lights that people put up.

Have you put your Christmas decorations up yet?