Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Real Quick Update!

I only have a few weeks left here and oh so so much to do before I leave. I am in the middle of working on about 5 different glass projects (more about that at a later post when I finish the projects and hopefully remember to take photos to post).

I am also helping the Iraqi eye doctor here with a PowerPoint Presentation and Film Editing (the other day I watched two hours worth of operations on the eye - they were quite fascinating - the human eye is incredible).

I've also been doing quite a bit of babysitting for various friends.

And I also have a whole load of other stuff to do, but let me tell you about yesterday afternoon. I was having lunch and all of a sudden Rachel gave this loud shriek of excitement as she was looking out the window and there were three deer right before our eyes in our garden. It was an awesome sight. I ran to get the camera and only managed to get a couple of photos before they disappeared!

We also bought some Humming bird feeders and so far I've seen one tiny Humming bird, although I know there have been a lot more around. Well I've gotta fly for now :)